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Safe events

Safe events

Since the very beginning of the 2020 pandemic emergency, Bologna Welcome has been carrying out all necessary measures to cope with this challenging situation and to maintain a constant safety level in relation to the events to be hosted inside Palazzo Re Enzo. Thanks to the support of experienced consultants in the framework of safety management within work environments, new protocols have been developed with regard to the emergency management.

Our locations and their air-conditioning systems have been appropriately treated and sanitized in compliance with the guidelines adopted against the spread of the Co-Vid 19 disease as to guarantee a completely safe experience to our guests and visitors. The sanitization processes of our plants are implemented on a monthly basis, as required by the guidelines of the Istituto Superiore della Sanità, whereas our venues are sanitized each time after their use.

The safety signs inside our locations have been completed with distinctive indications of the behavioral norms to heed, such as the use of the personal protective equipment (face masks) and the observance of social distancing, whilst an adequate number of gel dispensers for hand sanitization has been installed according to the allowed visitors flow.

Bologna Welcome has rearranged its spaces in full compliance with the regional guidelines on the holding of congresses, conferences and similar events. The maximum number of participants for each event is calculated according to the space capacity as to reduce gatherings and ensure social distancing while guaranteeing an organized and safe access to everyone.