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Cookie generato quando viene creata la sessione HTTP dell’utente e mantenuto per tutta la durata della stessa. Consente al sito di collegare le azioni di un utente durante una sessione del browser per poter fornire servizi, funzionalità e ottimizzare la navigazione.

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Cookie che traccia se l’utente ha o meno preso visione della cookie policy.



Cookie usato per memorizzare le preferenze dell’utente in riferimento ai cookie lasciati dal sito.



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Cookie relativo al servizio Google Analytics utilizzato per creazione di statistiche e report sulle visite del sito.


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Please notice that if you disable technical/functional cookies the Site might not work properly and some services or some of the Site’s functionalities may not be available or work smoothly, and you could be required to modify or manually fill in some information or preferences each time you visit the Site.

The lack of authorization to other third-party cookies will not affect the operations of the site; however, since these types of cookies are sent out by third parties, and the operator of this site is not able to exercise control of these cookies, opposition to them can be exercised only by accessing the consent forms predisposed by the third party Otherwise, the opposition can be exercised through the settings of the browser. Links to privacy policies and possible consent forms predisposed by third parties are available in the cookie privacy policy.

Concerning the cookies sent directly by the operator of this site, in addition to the procedure available on this page, the user may select the cookies they want to enable, disable or cancel the cookies (wholly or partially), by means of the tools offered by the browser used (see above).
The choices made by the user in reference to the cookies on this site will be recorded in a technical cookie, with the characteristics related in the table above.

In some circumstances, such cookies may not function properly: in such cases, we recommend you to delete the unwanted cookies to prevent their use through owner’s browsers.  User preferences in reference to cookies will be reset if the user uses different devices or browsers to access the site

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Do not require an explicit prior consent by the users to be developed.


Strictly necessary for the site’s functioning and to provide the users with a service that has been explicitly requested by them.